We enjoy good shows, love surprises and like to turn things upside down. Not without having made a plan beforehand. At the beginning of every event - from a small exclusive dinner to trade fair appearances, company anniversaries, incentives, workshops and roadshows up to great parties and 3000 person events - there is a convincing idea.

We bring communication - live and colourful - to the point, bring brands to life, develop both, the communication idea and the appropriate strategy. With a good portion of experience and unbroken passion for unique events. No matter if meeting, escape, show or go - we deliver from one source and bring together consultants, strategists, creative people and organisers in one team. They provide planning security, take over invitation concepts, guest management or booking processing and work together with trade associations and educational institutions. For national and international formats. Furthermore, we have an almost inexhaustible range of service providers available. These include catering, acrobats, presenters, keynote speakers, event technology, tent builders and magicians. Depending on the event. But people always meet - we bring them together, promote contacts and communication. Often something big grows out of this. Not only castles in the air.


Don't curb curiosity.

Take a look at us and the biggest photo studios in Europe. Just ask if we have time the day before yesterday. Book a Vogelsänger-Team. Test if our coffee tastes good. Take a close look at our work.

Whatever your plan is - a phone call or e-mail will help you quickly. 

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