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Flashback. He just did it. In his head a vision, in addition a good portion of pioneering spirit paired with the courage to go new ways. Instead of drawing products, Alfred Vogelsänger photographed them. And since his region was the epicentre of furniture manufacturing at the time, one thing was clear: he concentrated on interior photography. That was 70 years ago. We go on. Unwavering. And since 1949 we have been supplying everything from a single source.

Time lapse. We have remained true to his pioneering spirit to this day. We take the first step with unbridled passion. From the briefing to the finished recording. Focused on what we love. That's what motivates us. Our photographers fight for every picture, for the perfect photo. Their view through the lens: Committed and passionate. We love the "dolce vita light" of our Italian photographer as well as the concrete visual language of our East Westphalian light magician. But no matter what it's all about, we're completely committed to it. That's what makes us better. Each of our photographers makes the project, the job, the shot his own thing. And you fight and burn the most for your own things. 

And why aperture 8? Well, it's one of the many wisdoms of photography. With aperture 8, everything is sharp for now. You don't actually do anything wrong with that. But: With aperture 8 the picture only begins. That's where we come in. Convince yourself! We are looking forward to many joint flashes.




Open your eyes, close your mouth. You are welcome to take a look at Europe's largest photo studio for interior photography and learn more about us 

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We'll see through it. Our picture worlds in the computer, completely virtual and yet real. Our CGI team does that.

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Before the picture is after the picture. Our postproduction are the magicians when it comes to finishing.

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Don't curb curiosity.

Take a look at us and the biggest photo studios in Europe. Just ask if we have time the day before yesterday. Book a Vogelsänger-Team. Test if our coffee tastes good. Take a close look at our work.

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