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Spontaneous? Of course we can! But we also like to make plans. That's why the love of detail is the heart of our set design. Our interior designers create and plan our sets in a well thought-out way. They want to tell the optimal story in every picture. Whether photo, film, exhibition stand or sales area - a credible setting is indispensable for every story. No matter if fantastic or realistic story - if the scenario is not right, the story collapses. That's why we pay attention to details that are often missing in studio buildings. Are there light switches in the apartment? Are they in the right place? Are the proportions and statics right? And our customers? They benefit from our 3D models. They give an idea of the final image in advance - including camera positions and alternative perspectives. This leads to increased efficiency and speed, both internally and externally. After all, we supply our construction department with perfect plans. This saves time and corrections. And yes, nerves too. On all sides. Because our CGI team also uses the department when needed. This is how our CGI projects are also telling the right story.



We' re tackling this. Fresh paint and flying shavings are a sure sign that our joiners and painters are turning ideas into reality. We manufacture over 90% of our components ourselves. Whether modern loft, cool industrial style, old building look or apartment. We have everything there: Windows, doors, walls. And if not? Then we build it quickly.



We can't just surface! Our painting brings any colour onto the wall, but it also creates artistic pictures, wall structures and oriental ornaments. Real all-rounders.



We love decoration! The set stands, our stylists romp (themselves out!). No wonder with well over 10,000 individual pieces in our stock. But let's be honest, we don't know exactly how many props we own. In the last 70 years nobody has taken the time to count them. Why should they? Every day something new is added and old things are disposed of.


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Interior architecture, styling

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M.A. Interior Architecture

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