Vogelsänger quality at a basic price

Photo and film production in VS BASIC mode. In the centre: upholstery sets from Domo.

We demonstrated that little bit of tact and sensitivity at the Partner Days OWL by selecting the right trade fair and the right exhibition stand to present our new "VS BASIC" range. Thanks to this, we were able to exchange ideas with the friendly people from Domo Collection.

Two weeks after the trade fair, the customer had access to photos of six Domo upholstery innovations and a video clip of the highlight upholstery. With "VS BASIC", production is carried out in existing sets, which enables cost-efficient and quick production. A great project, which not only convinced the customer, but also shows us that Basic is the right step to address price-sensitive customers.

We are already looking forward to further cooperation with our customers of Domo Collection GmbH.

What is VS BASIC?
Under the title "VS BASIC", Vogelsänger Studios offers the opportunity to offer their photographic as well as filmographic expertise in a lower-priced segment. In contrast to the individual photo and film productions, productions are carried out in an already existing set.


Client: Domo Collection GmbH

Contact person client site: Ulf Vietor

Contact person at VS: Kai Vogelsänger

Project management: Katja Vogelsänger

Photography: Klaus Heuke

Photography assistance: Lisa Bastian

Styling: Christine Dueck

Styling assistance: Tatjana Hüntelmann

Film camera: Philipp Maasberg

Film editing: Philipp Maasberg



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