Product photos and product films created with MUM(M)

Production of the "Keyvisual & Lifestyle" campaign by BSH

Together with the creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi from Düsseldorf, we realized the global visual language of the new "Home of Homemade | Keyvisual & Lifestyle" campaign for the Munich-based Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH. 

In our studio in Neufahrn near Munich, a spacious 3-room apartment was built according to the plans of our interior design and furnished in an urban style. In 10 days more than 100 advertising and product shots were produced, which are used worldwide. For the photo shoots, over 50 dishes were freshly prepared by the renowned food stylist Tim Landsberg and presented in a way that was effective in advertising. In addition to the photo shoots, the production also included a Full-HD product and application video, which attractively presents a MUM5 kitchen machine and shows the different deployment scenarios. 

A project we are proud of and a result that has been very positively received in markets worldwide.

Many thanks to Saatchi & Saatchi and BSH Hausgeräte for the good cooperation and the great project!


Client: Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH

Contact persons client site: Monika Lenz, Ralf Krimm, Katariina Ketola

Contact person Saatchi & Saatchi: Bettina Tetens, Juelide Oezis, Christina Gumpert

Contact person at VS: Norbert GierlichAlexander Ellendt

Project management: Frank Radermacher

Creative director Saatchi & Saatchi: Marco Werth

Art director Saatchi & Saatchi: Julia Rebentisch

Photography: Sven Köllmann, Nicole Müller

Interior styling: Simone Meyer

Food styling: Tim Landsberg

Interior architecture: Birthe Dittscher, Michelle Beck

Set construction: Volker Hölzl, Franz Streitberger, Wolfgang Pittner

Camera: Jan Merlin

Editing: Kevin Spiech 



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