Mysterious Beauty

Sächsische Schweiz goes beauty

With its vastness and distance, its bizarre rock forms, mystical forests, castles and palaces, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, together with the pure nature of the Elbe riverbank, provided the breathtaking setting for the photo shoot for the 2021 VIGOUR calendar under the theme "Mysterious Beauty".

The locations, which are not always easy to reach, such as the Hercules Pillars, Small Stone Cave or Bastei Bridge, demanded a lot of stamina and strength from the entire team, as not only the equipment had to be carried. The VIGOUR bath products were also to find their way, of course.

And the photos prove it: The work was worth it! 

Thus 13 mysterious, alluring and sexy motifs draw the viewer's attention not only to the models. Thanks to the choice of location, the beautiful nature of Saxon Switzerland is also shown to advantage in a unique way.

We would like to thank the team of VIGOUR for the great cooperation and the grandiose project.


Client: VIGOUR GmbH

Contact person client side:  Alexander Gelsdorf (Geschäftsleitung), Maik Carstens (Projektleitung)

Contact person at VS:  Kai Vogelsänger

Project management: Kerry Döring

Photography: Philipp Oesterle

Styling: Lisa Speckmann

Hair & Make-Up: Ewa Braetz

Set construction: Thomas Grotendiek

Conception/Idea:  Vogelsänger Studios und VIGOUR GmbH

Art-Direction: Meike Sonna

Making-Of: Kevin Spiech

Image editing: Katharina Diefenbach



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