TVC for Sanella & Thea

Fried egg cake for Sanella & Thea

Under the direction of Bettina Biermann (CD Ogilvy) and Meike Herr (Senior AD Ogilvy) Vogelsänger | Film realizes for the customer Unilever the current Sanella TVC for Germany and Austria.

In stop-motion style, a table-top film was created, which makes you want to have a fried egg cake with Sanella (bez.Thea).

What looks simple needed about 2.400 frames. The film runs with 25 fps (frames per second), but to achieve a smooth movement of the children some more pictures were shot. Of course, some alternatives were produced to offer the customer several cutting variations.

Thanks to the customers Unilever and Ogilvy Düsseldorf with Bettina Biermann, Meike Herr, Marei Wilke (consulting/contact) and Tanja Frohwerk (TV producer).

A special thanks goes to the food stylist Eliane Müller, who was delighted to share the fried egg cake with the actors.


Client: Unilever

Agency: Ogilvy, Düsseldorf

Consulting: Marei Wilke

CD: Bettina Biermann

Senior AD: Meike Herr

TV-Producer: Tanja Frohwerk

Producer: Alexander Ellendt

Regie: Bettina Biermann & Meike Herr (Ogilvy)

Photography: Salvatore Guido

Post production: Frank Radermacher, Han Lay



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