A thank you to the employees.

Windmöller Summer festival

Windmöller Holding GmbH is a family business from the OWL region with 3 locations in the core areas of wood-based materials, chemicals and flooring.

The summer party was intended both as a thank you to the employees and to strengthen the team spirit across all locations.

A day at the lake, with numerous activities and an atmospheric conclusion in the marquee with a view of the water, seemed like a fitting scenario to us.

People who never worked together before now developed ideas, strategies and solutions together and worked hand in hand in raft construction.

The trip on the self-made raft and the later assembly of all rafts created an emotional sense of community; in keeping with the Windmöller company motto: "we win!


Client: Windmöller Holding GmbH

Contact person client side: Annika Windmöller

Conception and consulting: Dominik Simon, Kai Vogelsänger

Project management: Tanja Spradley

Project assistance: Melina Berenice Schild



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