Vogelsänger produces the new Böllhoff image film.

In the leading role: The Bölhoff employees! After all, they are the ones who have shaped the success story since the company was founded. Böllhoff, a family business that values its employees as its greatest asset.

The team around director Birgit Kersting has made this visible. We accompanied around 20 Böllhoff employees from project management, design, production and sales in moving and at the same time moving pictures, thus drawing an authentic picture of the company.

In addition to the employees, the managing partners Wilhelm A. Böllhoff and Michael W. Böllhoff, as well as the honorary advisory board chairman Dr. Wolfgang Böllhoff became protagonists of the film. In keeping with the concept, we dispense with the classic off-speaker and deliberately use the voices of the protagonists. All this gives the almost three-minute film its personal touch and reflects 100 percent of the company's values.

Shot on RED Epic, edited at AVID, Final Post then AP and DaVinci.


Client: Wilhelm Böllhoff GmbH & Co. KG

Contact person client side: Frank Nientiedt, ppa. Head of Corporate Marketing

Regie: Birgit Kersting

Executive Producer: Siegfried Stammeier

Producer: Marc Hölscher

Camera: Philipp Hühnerfeld

Camera assistance: Jan-Merlin Friedrich, Tino Richter

Gaffer: Peter Joppen

Illuminator: Mirko Heilmann, Jan-Eric Wiemann, Markus Nuding

Make-Up: Christiane Breukmann

Regie assistance: Dean Richert, Lena Werner

Editing: Stefan "Zwockel" Kropp

Composition: Tim Heinrich



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