CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) allows the system's diverse areas of application to be displayed particularly well.

Individual program solutions with angular contours

Hettich is a supplier of hardware solutions, the brand stands for quality, innovation and reliability worldwide. The InnoTech Atira drawer system is distinguished by its angular contours, various colour variants and multi-faceted top elements.

The Vogelsänger team was given the task of presenting these in an independent visual language for the market launch. As set designer, Frank Müller created lively, light-flooded rooms, which were then converted into a virtual overall picture by our CGI specialist Markus Winter using 3D rendering.

In this case, full virtual worlds were created to show the product in the most diverse areas of application. The numerous details in the sets illustrate the many possibilities of the product.

The images are used in product brochures, catalogs, advertisements and on the website, among others.


Client: Hettich Management Service GmbH

Contact person client side: Sylke Janßen, Ilka Alefsen

Project management & Contact: Anja RitscherFrank Radermacher

Set-Design: Frank Müller

CGI Artist: Markus Winter

Photography: Steffie Lhotzky

Styling: Frank Müller / Markus Winter

Litho: Jens Fischer



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