How we work. #bebrave

Set construction from the VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS

Why set construction? You can also do that in the computer!

We can think of many answers to this question, but one in particular: Because we can!

For over 65 years we have been building film and photo backdrops in all imaginable sizes and variations. These many years have not only filled our wealth of experience, but also and above all our fund.

Always on the pulse of time, we screen and anticipate new trends and thus keep our props always up to date. This way we are prepared for almost every scenario and immediately able to make customer wishes come true.

And if something is missing, we will build it for you. Fast and uncomplicated.

Each set is individually planned and visualized for you in 3D by our interior design department.

And should there be any last-minute changes, we can react quickly and effectively.

This is another advantage of set construction.

But see for yourself. Whether as a full service agency or service production, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.


Executive Producer: Alexander Ellendt, Ralf Vockel, Siegfried Stammeier

Producer: Marc Hölscher

Concept & Regie: Moritz Brandes

Camera: Daniel Gehrlich

Cut & motion graphics: Daniel Gehrlich & Moritz Brandes



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