Furniture meets fashion and dog.

"What we do when we're not photographing furniture."

When our studio manager and photographer, Nico Gees, saw the scribbles hanging at our set designers for a big construction, he immediately had the desire to realize some free works there.

After some discussions with his colleagues and Cord Vogelsänger, more and more ideas came together and they decided to start a common project.

So a team of photographers, stylists and designers from different areas of fashion and interior photography was born. This gave new impulses in the conception phase and in the preparation phase we thought of motifs that do not pass through our lab every day, but show what VOGELSÄNGER can do.

The concept was born to transform the existing building into a one-room loft and to photograph the daily routine of a model at different positions of the set.

Thomas Beckmann was the specialist for the "big" shots, which also show many parts of the room. Once these key visuals were in the can, Nico Gees could continue with the closeups and details for the fashion photos.

Today, in fashion photography, many photo series are raised as advertorials, a story is told and not just the individual piece of clothing is shown. "For this, scouts are constantly looking for new, unusual locations," says Nico Gees. "We don't have to, we can build everything here ourselves or reproduce it on the computer.

When our model Louisa Mazzurana came to the studio for the first time, she said: "This is where I want to move in! This is how the title for the production came about: Louisa's Loft.

Louisa was a participant of the Pro7 TV Show Germany's next top model in 2010 and a real enrichment for this project. The pictures speak for themselves.

We hope to see the resulting fashion photos published soon - but in any case they will be with us. Update: 6 double pages published in ELEGANT Magazine.


Model: Louisa Mazzurana Hair & Makeup: Marisol Prada

Styling (Fashion): Elisabeth Geier Foto: Nico GeesThomas Beckmann, Sven Köllmann

Making-of (Fotos): Jana Winterfeld

Making-of (Film): Sebastian Jaspers Styling (Interieur): Lisa Speckmann

Assistance: Mareike Quakernack Set-Design: Julia Pokrant, Frank Müller

Set construction: Vogelsänger Team

Trainee: Emily Kühn

Special Guest: Coco <3


Making Of

The fact that we were able to shoot so many motifs in two days is mainly due to the great teamwork. The pictures speak for themselves here as well, we think.

Shooting Facts

1 lovely model // 2 days of fun // 15 people making a team // 23,5l of coffee // 2.3kg of cookies // 100s and more upcoming ideas // 2.603 photos + 32 Polaroids (as a special edition) // ONE Coco // and an awesome experience.

Thx to the whole crowed!


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