Creative set design, solid craftsmanship, detailed decoration, emotional photo and film worlds - THE VERY BRITISH PROJECT

Why does a creative factory like Vogelsänger Studios put a huge set in its studio as its own project?

Firstly, because we show with all our trades what great things are possible in our studios - from interior design to set construction, decoration to photo and film production as well as the subsequent image editing - and secondly, because we love how the creative and great ideas of our employees develop into a unique project that everyone is burning to realise!

With our set as the focal point, we are writing our own little history of the Very British Project:

The Very British Project Homepage

The Very British Project represents the full spectrum of possibilities offered by Vogelsänger Studios: creative set design, high quality craftsmanship in set construction, detailed decoration and emotional photo and film worlds.

The special thing: Everything comes from one source, in-house and in colour...if desired, of course, also in black and white. Because here the creative work with the practical, the colleagues for the rough with those for the detail, the idea givers with the implementers and these in turn with those for the finishing touches together. Thanks to our own interior architects, craftsmen, decorators, photographers, filmmakers, lithographers, graphic artists and image editors, Vogelsänger Studios can draw on a wide range of creative expertise to create the best ideas for the fields of photography, film and events.

The whole project is to be understood as motivation. Customers as well as employees should think boldly. Both should be taken along on a path with free and creative ideas. In future, under the motto "bebrave", new ideas and bolder approaches will form the core of Vogelsänger Studios.

Because: Only courageously told stories stand out!

VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS won the GERMAN BRAND AWARD in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Behaviour" with "The very british project" and thus received one of the most important German brand awards.




Gerne berichten wir über Details zu diesem und anderer gezeigter Arbeitsproben. Unser Team um Kai Vogelsänger freut sich über jede Art der Kontaktaufnahme. Und wer weiß - vielleicht steht deine Arbeit ja auch schon bald auf diesen Seiten.

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