In the financial sector there are more and more digital applications. Our stories show how these can be integrated.

Digital banking told in analog form

Make an instant bank transfer at the airport by cell phone? Meeting with the savings bank advisor at the university campus or consultation via video chat? The digital solutions of Finanz Informatik provide all this.

Every two years Finanz Informatik presents its new applications for banks and end customers at the FI-Forum in Frankfurt. 

VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS conceived and produced the film "Erlebniswelten" for this.

The result is a film that vividly shows and makes it possible to experience how digital tools make everyday life and working life faster and easier. Both Finanz Informatik and the Sparkassen continue to use the film successfully, beyond the Fi-Forum!

The film was directed by Oliver Julius and shot on two days in Dortmund and Düsseldorf.

At the WORLD MEDIA FESTIVAL the joint film by Finanz Informatik and VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS was awarded the intermedia-globe Silver Award in the category " Sales Promotions: Services".


Client: Finanz Informatik 

Contact person client side:  Ulrike Richter, Claudia Palermo, Christopher Schild, Christian Loose, Julia Freese, Christopher Dreier 

Executive Producer:  Alexander Ellendt

Producer: Lena Werner 

Regie: Oliver Julius 

Regie assistance/ equipment:  Eva Schwarzrock

Director of Photography:  Christoph Vitt 

Camera assistance: Leif Thomas

Illumination: Jens Meiners 

Grading: Die Colorie

Cut: Moretta McLean



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