Vogelsänger Studios photographer Christian Weinrich has combined his passions as a cook and photographer in a food photo shoot.

When the passion of cooking is in harmony with the job.

As an interior photographer Christian Weinrich has been working for Vogelsänger Studios for many years. In the project "Leckerei statt Einheitsbrei" Christian combines his passion for photography with that for cooking and proves that he has his strengths in a variety of subjects. Thus, not only delicious enjoyment, but also tasty picture creations were created in our studios. 

The colleagues were able to convince themselves of both personally. 

The project brought to life by Christian Weinrich was created in a one-week production. The cooking photographer or photographing chef cooked the dishes for the food photographs himself in advance. Not only the final result, but also the process leading up to the finished dish was documented in pictures by him and his assistant Jamie Böcker and later processed by our graphics department in a 36-page booklet. 

A beautiful production that definitely whets the appetite for more.


Client: Vogelsänger Studios

Contact person at VS: Katja Vogelsänger

Photography: Christian Weinrich

Photo assistance: Jamie Böcker

Concept/idea: Christian Weinrich

Image editing: Christian Weinrich, Jamie Böcker

Booklet: Anna Krelaus



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