The corporate values of a global player

120th anniversary: HELLA corporate values

Happy birthday, HELLA! The history of HELLA began exactly 120 years ago: the once small lamp factory in Lippstadt has now grown into a global automotive supplier with 39,000 employees worldwide. But what makes HELLA special, what is so special about it? 

In front of the camera, employees from the global HELLA network give the answer: They are the corporate values: personal responsibility, working in partnership, sustainability, performance, being a role model, innovation and integrity.

The film was made in close cooperation with the customer HELLA under the direction of Nicole Castagné, Lena Ahle and Brigitte Krause. The film was directed by Oliver Julius. 

We thank all participants for the great result and wish them all the best for the next 120 years.

HELLA is a globally positioned, listed family business with around 39,000 employees at more than 125 locations in around 35 countries. HELLA specializes in innovative lighting systems and vehicle electronics and as one of the technology leaders has been an important partner of the automotive industry and the aftermarket for more than one hundred years.


Client: HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA

Contact person customer side: Nicole Castagné, Lena Ahle, Brigitte Krause

Contact person at VS: Marc Hölscher

Project Assistance: Eva Schwarzrock

Director: Oliver Julius

Executive Producer: Siegfried Stammeier

Producer: Marc Hölscher

Camera: Jan Merlin Friedrich



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