Photo and film for the market launch of the new generation of the All-In-One Music System

Vogelsänger Studios with complete solution for photo and video production for T+A Caruso

Industry expert T+A elektroakustik presents its new all-in-one music system T+A Caruso. The new 2008 & 2013 edition offers a combination of an intuitive user experience, fascinating sound and an industry-leading range of features, as well as high-quality workmanship.

The production of the photographic and cinematic advertising material was also completely under the sign of an all-in-one solution. Because both the photos and the video are from the Vogelsänger Studios.

Photo shoot

Using modern concrete construction techniques, the set design took up the linear look of T+A Caruso and provided the appropriate setting for the photo production. In the detail shots of the product photos, the technical features were highlighted.


In addition we integrated the Vogelsänger Video department into the creative process to generate an all-in-one solution for the customer T+A elektroakustik.The video production was, in close cooperation with the customer, refined into an expressive advertising film with high gloss optics.

We would like to thank T+A elektroakustik for this great joint project!


Client: T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG

Contact person client site: Britta ter Wint (Marketing Design Organisation)

Contact person at VS: Oliver Brinkmann

Project management: Oliver Brinkmann

Conception/idea (Set construction): Nico Gees, Oliver Brinkmann

Set construction: Sven Hönig

Styling:  Christine Dück

Photography: Dirk Wehmeyer 

Image editing: Christine Hankel

Conception/idea (video): Philipp Maasberg

Camera: Phillipp Maasberg

Camera assistance: Max Grote

Editing: Philipp Maasberg



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