Sleep yourself awake!

Campaign photos, teaser and product film from one source for LR Health & Beauty

Can you sleep tired? Yes, because every third person has problems sleeping through the night and even every second person has problems falling asleep. Exactly for this reason LR has developed the new product "Night Master" and put it into scene with the help of VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS. 

During two days a film and photo campaign was realized under the direction of Piet Truhlar. The creation took place in the in-house agency of LR under the direction of Gaby Schippers. 

The team around Marc Hölscher did a great job for the realisation. Two different bedroom sets were designed, constructed and equipped. Set construction, casting and production - everything came from one source: the VOGELSANGER STUDIOS. 

The campaign photos, a teaser film and the product film are used on the website, in brochures, at events, in social media and in sales support.

A special thanks goes to the client LR for the great cooperation.


Client: LR Health & Beauty

Contact person client site: Katharina Schorez (Head of Marketing), Birte Lutterbeck (Senior Marketing Manager), Nora Marks (Trade Marketing Manager)

Inhouse Agency LR: Gaby Schippers (Head of Creative Design & Copy), Sara Belte (Creative Design)

Contact person at VS/ Consulting: Marc Hölscher 

Project management: Lena Werner

Photography/ Regie: Piet Truhlar

Foto assistance: Joschua Barrack

DIT: Michael Petersohn

Camera: Jan Merlin Friedrich

Camera assistance: Kevin Spiech

Gaffer: Jens Meiners 

Decoration: Olga Andres

Hair & Make-Up: Christina Moissl

Styling: Mascha Möller



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