About 3D rooms, perspectives and configurators

Individual interior design with 3D renderings and decor configurators

CGI (Computer Generated Images) make it possible. The virtual representation of different 3D rooms allows the different furniture and interior design decors from EGGER to be put in the right light.

In the first step, our interior designers, together with EGGER, have designed, planned and created six different room concepts. In the second step, these designs were adopted by the CGI and displayed in 3D. 


The special thing: All rooms are designed as 360 degree rooms. In these rooms, the various EGGER decors can be defined and combined as required. In the future, CGI implementation will make it possible to generate new variants and perspectives quickly and easily. 

But that is not all...

By masking the individual surfaces and depositing different decor variants in grey renderings, the renderings can also be used for the EGGER Virtual Design Studio>>>. This gives customers the opportunity to actively configure surfaces online, try them out and create individual interior designs. Fast, realistic and simple.

Many thanks to the EGGER team for the "space-filling" cooperation!


Client: FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG

Contact persons client site: Christina Höck, Stefanie Könemann, Verena Michels, Silvia Binder

Contact person at VS / project management: Alexander Böke

CGI artists: Cornelia Maess, Verena Ehmann

Interior architecture: Michelle Beck und Team


Making Of

EGGER interior design concepts


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