Sustained Colors by colornetwork

Every year, the COLORNETWORKⓇ combines trend-setting interior design products with a common, long-term and easily combinable trend colour, the "Sustained Color". Special emphasis is placed on the topic of sustainability. The origin, production, logistics, life cycle and recycling are communicated transparently for each product. 

To this end, TRENDFILTERⓇ invites renowned designers and interior architects every year to discuss groundbreaking colours in a panel of experts and to critically examine materials and surfaces in order to define the colour for the following year's network work.

As experts in photography and film, Vogelsänger Studios are also part of the network and are significantly involved in the staging of the first arrangements of the colours. These captivate with an eye-catching monochrome look, which is, however, repeatedly interrupted in various details by reference-coloured accessories. Just like renowned manufacturers of products from the fields of interior design, furniture and architecture, such as EGGER, Windmöller or Lechner (all network partners >>>), we want to promote the idea behind Sustained Colour.

feel jade!

After "be rooted!", "feel jade!" is the second Sustained Color we were allowed to stage for the network.

"feel jade!" is a soft, natural jade nuance that only reveals its intense emotional effect in a room at second glance. Yet it shows many facets in interior design and offers great potential for contemporary yet forward-looking architecture.

be rooted!

Sustained Color No. 1" makes us feel the warmth, the origin of life, like a million tiny creatures in a handful of earth. It is the origin from which life grows. The soft natural shade of "be rooted!" makes us pause and grounds us, roots us, gives us peace and security.

We thank TRENDFILTERⓇ and the COLORNETWORKⓇ for this long-term and sustainable project and the great cooperation!


Client: TrendfilterⓇ

Contact person client site: Jorrit de Louw

Contact person at VS: Kai Vogelsänger

Project management: Oliver Brinkmann

Photography: Anne Dellmann

Styling: Katrin Grotendiek

Set construction: Michael Riedels

Video: Philipp Maasberg

Image editing: Team Image editing



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