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Every component of a Porsche is of high quality. Accordingly, Porsche needed equally high-quality product photos. With this request, Porsche was of course right at Vogelsänger. We photographed the entire product range and put every part in the right light:

From the ignition key to the gearbox to the GT3 replacement engine, we went through the product range of Porsche Service Parts. With a mechanic on site, all parts were perfectly photographed in just a few days. Along the way, a lot was learned about the technology.

It goes without saying that we like to go the extra mile and experiment a bit with such products - Vogelsänger, after all. That's why our photographer Salva didn't miss the opportunity to take a few extra shots.


Client: Kemper Kommunikation GmbH

Contact person client site: David Schütte (Creative Director)

Contact person at VS: Nico Gees

Project management: Kerry Döring

Photography: Sven Köllmann

Photo assistance: Jamie Böcker

Image editing: Team Digital-Assistenz


Making Of

Photography: Salvatore Guido


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