Peopleshooting and video shoot about new trends and designs of WINEO floor coverings

People shooting and video shoot in "Louisa's Loft" style: Louisa Mazzurana returns to Vogelsänger Studios for WINEO

Already in the first customer meeting it quickly became clear what was needed. The team around Wineo had fallen in love with the loft style of an earlier Vogelsänger in-house production - "LOUISAS LOFT". For this production this meant to bring this loft style into a big studio, where all new Wineo products would find room. But the different floors of the new 600 series of Wineo should not only be shown in beautiful settings. At the same time, it was also to be demonstrated how easy the floorings are to lay.


Instantly, our stylistically confident interior designer Julia Pokrant created a homelike loft, which convinced with great flair and simultaneously created flexibility for production. Because not only the products were to be beautifully staged in the photo shoot, but the video production should also have sufficient scope for shooting the installation videos. True to the motto: "Laying floors can be so easy".


And because all this was still too simple, the human being should be clearly in the focus and foreground. Our task was to find expressive models with "playing talent" and to match them fashionably. 

Bettina Höner, marketing director of Wineo, described her idea as follows: "It should look as if a fashion blogger or, in general, someone from the lifestyle and fashion sector were moving in. So what could be more obvious than taking someone who wasn't playing that, but is. Louisa Mazzurana, model, lifestyle and fashion blogger, was happy that she and her modeling partner Jason Field could soon move into their new loft. Supported by the competent Hair & Make-up and fashion stylist team of Marisol Caballero and Elisabeth Egtermeyer, the two were perfectly staged every day. Fashion Furniture.

And not only models and team felt at home right from the first day. Eduard Reichert and his colleague Carsten Schwabe from Windmöller obviously also enjoyed every morning walk to their new home in the Vogelsänger Studios and found it hard to part with it in the evening.

In the end, not only were beautiful floor photos and a sympathetic installation video created, but also social media content was produced, a lot of nonsense was made and a lot of laughter was had. 

We would like to thank the Wineo team for their blind trust in our expertise and the great work together on, in and around the set. 


Client: Windmöller GmbH

Contact person client site: Bettina Höner, Eduard Reichert, Carsten Schwabe

Contact person at VS: Simone Schnelle

Project management: Nico Gees

Photography: Thomas Beckmann

Photo assistance: Anjou Vartmann

Styling: Katrin Grotendiek

Styling assistance: Emily Kühn

Set construction: Markus Klinner, Thomas Deppe

Fashion styling: Marisol Caballero, Elisabeth Egtermeyer

Interior architecture: Julia Pokrant

Concept: Nico Gees, Julia Pokrant

Image editing: Vogelsänger Studios



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