LR Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Immune Plus - a product film

The triple plus for your immune system

For our customer LR we created a product film for the new "Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Immune Plus", which uses a combination of high-speed recordings and archive material. 

Under the direction of Reinhard Koslowski the High-Speed Splash recordings were made. The special challenge was that no 3D animation should be used for the realization. he shots therefore had to be taken in real life so that they could give the product the necessary freshness and energy. Only the integration of the ingredients took place in 2D compositing.

The conception was carried out by Media Factory, the LR in-house agency. The splash shots would be realized on a shooting day in the studio in Düsseldorf.

We thank all participants for the great result.


Customer: LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH

Contact person customer side: LR Marketing: Katharina Schorez, Birte Lutterbeck, Nora Marks, Creation about LR Media Factory: Gaby Schippers

Contact person: Marc Hölscher

Project Assistance: Lena Werner

Director: Reinhard Koslovski

Executive Producer: Alexander Ellendt

Producer: Marc Hölscher

Camera: Jens Meiners



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